The Toymaker: A Dark Suspense Novel

Raymond Gibson has been lonely in his old age, having never married and losing all his friends to time. Inspired by a ventriloquist act he sees on the television, he builds a dummy of his own. Unbeknownst to the residents of Dutch County, Mr. Gibson’s wooden companion becomes possessed by a wicked spirit. Now, five neighborhood kids will have to band together to defeat the evil only they believe is real. The power of their friendship will be the one hope to stop the dummy’s terror.

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Dark Treasures

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Sometimes there's treasure in it. A shunned clown with a murderous plot fueled by jealousy, a hungry creature living in the sewers of a small town, a haunted board game that pits friends against each other in a game of life and death, a grim spin on a childhood tale, and four other stories that will grip you and won’t let go until the last page.

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The Chaos_3D copy.png

The Chaos

Alejandro Ramos and his son Charlie are two of the last remaining survivors of The Chaos, an apocalyptic event which brought about the end of civilization. Wandering through the ruins of Northern Pennsylvania, they hope to find refuge in the company of other survivors. Their effort seems futile until Alejandro’s radio finds the voice of a man offering food and shelter to anyone alive. Everything depends on them making it to the given location...and staying out of sight of the creatures that rule when the sun goes down.

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